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Keep Tim Eyman fighting for you!

Fearless Leadership, Proven Results


While our current governor raised taxes 30 separate times and cost us $50 Billion, Tim Eyman is responsible for more than $43 Billion in tax cuts from the initiatives he sponsored, which taxpayers like you supported, voted for and donated to. While Olympia Democrats push for tax hikes and attack our freedom, Tim Eyman takes a stand and wins when it matters most. While other governor candidates talk about what they’ll do, Tim Eyman takes action, and has been winning for more than 22 years. He’s a battle-tested warrior. Just the kind of leader we need to win in 2020 and reverse 8 years of Jay Inslee.


If you want to keep Tim Eyman fighting for you, please donate to his campaign

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Voluntary donations to “Governor Tim Eyman for Washington State” are not tax-deductible. Voluntary donations to “Governor Tim Eyman for Washington State” are political donations that will be used to help elect Tim Eyman as Governor of Washington State

I make you this promise:

Support me in this effort and I will give you a race for Governor like you’ve never seen before!

I love you all,

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