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Tim Eyman on the Issues

Is Tim Pro Life? 

Yes! He was adopted, his father was adopted, and his three children are all adopted. He want to make alterations to adoption rules to make it easier for women to choose the adoption option, so help save unborn lives.


Does Tim Support the 2nd Amendment?

Absolutely! He tried to thwart multiple anti-gun initiatives from making onto the ballot. Once on the ballot, he helped the groups campaigning against them. Tim exposed how Bellingham, Edmonds and other cities had code on their books which would allow them to ban guns during a state of emergency. He rallied supporters, and got Edmonds to erase the rules from their books. When Jay Inslee forced gun stores to close by declaring them non-essential, he rallied to their support, created a petition to build support for reopening, and generated enough public pressure and awareness that now nearly all gun stores in Washington have confidently reopened in defiance of Inslee’s order.


Does Tim support President Donald Trump?

Yes he does! In fact, when he met President Trump at one of Trump’s rallies in 2016 in Washington, he got to speak with him for a moment and told the President he admired his courage. Many people have noticed numerous parallels between the two in their style, the way they’ve been attacked, and the way all their accomplishments are undercut by the Left. They are both demonized by their left-wing haters for one reason, and one reason only – each has been incredibly effective at advancing conservative policies against all odds.
Oh, and the media is no fan of Tim – or the President – either. In fact, the media had been excoriating Tim for being a winning conservative while Donald Trump was still a Democrat!


How do we know Tim is really a Republican?

Tim was a Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) a LONG time ago, was a delegate to the Republican National Convention (RNC), was given an award at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference). He’s worked closely with grassroots Republicans for more than 2 decades to advance conservative initiatives, and as a first-time candidate for office announced as a Republican in February.


Is Tim a Christian?

Yes! He became born again many years ago.


Is Tim against sanctuary cities?

Absolutely, he is. Illegal means illegal. There are plenty of reasons Washington should help enforce our immigration laws, not undermine them, and the potential for migrants to bring diseases like coronavirus – or worse – is just the latest one.


Is Tim against unions?

Tim thinks that negotiations between an employee and his employer, including whether they want to unionize, should remain between employees and employers. The government shouldn’t be butting in.


What’s going on with $30 Tabs?

The voters won the election.
King County and other government agencies sued to try to block it.
Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, decided to let the case be heard in King County, by a King County judge – despite the judge’s employer (King County government) being a plaintiff. (conflict of interest!)
The hand-picked, leftist judge ended up ruling the initiatives was Constitutional after all, but . . .
Allowed the other side one more chance to make a new argument.
It was all but a done deal, and the issue would’ve been over, but Ferguson made a last minute motion late which caused a couple month delay and forced it to go before the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court is due to hear the issue some time this summer. (whew!)


Is Tim for contact tracing?

No. What Jay Inslee is pushing is a pointless, useless big-government intrusion into our lives. It’s a massive attack against our 4th Amendment-protected privacy rights.


What does Tim think about vaccinations?

Like many other things, vaccines can be a tool for disease prevention, but he in no way supports forced vaccinations.


What does Tim think about facial recognition technology?

Tim thinks that government has no business using this technology. He feels that the data received from it should not be used by government. Companies should be able to use the technology without customers being given the express consent and painless, effortless and consequence-free option to opt-out of it.