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I will veto ANY tax increase.

As Governor, I will veto any tax increase. That means Seattle’s Legislature must override my veto which requires a 2/3 vote. I sponsored and voters passed 4 initiatives requiring that protection. But the Seattle Supreme Court took it away from us.

I’ve saved the taxpayers over $43 billion with my initiatives.


Do you trust me or Jay Inslee?

Candidate Jay Inslee promised to veto any tax increase. During 8 legislative sessions with Seattle’s Governor, 30 tax increases landed on his desk and he signed every one of them.

Inslee has taken $50.6 billion from the taxpayers

I make you this promise:

Support me in this effort and I will give you a race for Governor like you’ve never seen before.

I love you all.

About Tim

In 1995, I got started with an initiative to force a public vote on the first sports stadium (I got a “whopping” 100 signatures at Greenlake Park, a few blocks from my previous Seattle home) – initiative qualified and voters said “no” to the sports stadium, but the Legislature said “yes, this sports stadium is a state emergency.” That single, arrogant legislative act was the catalyst that inspired my political activism. I have been fighting for taxpayers ever since.  You can see the list of all the initiatives that I have sponsored on Permanent Offense’s website.

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