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Meet Tim Eyman

Tim Eyman is the battle-tested conservative fighter we need to beat Inslee and fix Washington’s broken system.

Tim Eyman Governor Washington State 2020 Tim4Gov.com

For 22 years as a government watchdog and policy advocate, Tim Eyman has been fighting to:

Fix the Broken System in Washington

Lower our taxes

And defend our rights

As an “anti-tax” activist who has won 11 major conservative victories in his statewide initiative campaigns, he’s saved Washington $43 Billion in taxes.

He’s best known for his vision that Car Tabs should cost $30, and not a penny more. He won overwhelming voter support three times to pass his $30 Car Tabs initiative, the first time in 1999, and it was law for more than a decade – saving every driver in our state thousands.

He got it passed again in 2019. Politicians and special interests have tried to overturn your vote and block, but he’s been fighting for us in the courts since election day last year. However, $30 Tabs is just one of the many fights Tim Eyman has led on.

A beautiful tradition of adoption


Now living in Western Washington, Tim was born in Yakima and spent the first half of his life in Eastern Washington. Tim has a beautiful tradition of adoption in his family – Tim was adopted, his father was adopted and his three children are adopted.

From childhood on, he always wanted to adopt a child. But when he and his wife, Karen, had difficulty conceiving, adoption was an obvious choice.

He’s gotten to know his birth parents, and has done his best to involve his kids’ birth parents in their lives. Tim sees adoption as a beautiful celebration of how precious human life is. It is a powerful option that, if made easier for women and those seeking a child, is a beautiful solution to one of society’s most difficult problems, and a great way to promote the protection of the unborn.

Tim Eyman Governor Washington State 2020 Tim4Gov.com



Battle-tested fighter.

In Yakima, Tim was raised by a conservative family that gave him his conservative values. He excelled in school, and at wrestling. He then attended WSU where he earned a Business Management degree, with honors, and a minor in Economics. Being a walk-on member of the Cougars’ wrestling team helped him become comfortable with his role as an underdog. He showed his persistence and competitiveness by rising to 3rd place in the PAC-10.


For the past 22 years, Tim has been a fighter for us. He still has that chip on his shoulder an underdog should. Tim is scrappy and persistent, which is exactly the qualities a true Washington conservative needs to win.

Tim’s Story