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Here is video of today’s announcement in Seattle. RECALL DURKAN LAUNCHED.

by | Jul 23, 2020

Watch video — it was intense but I stayed focused while a bunch of crazies tried to disrupt it — I won’t be intimidated.

Click on this link to watch it:

Signature collection started today: 

Tim Eyman for Governor Washington State
Tim Eyman for Governor Washington State
Tim Eyman for Governor Washington State

Link to the petition above (download it and make copies locally – must be 11″x17″ double-sided – only Seattle voters can sign but any voter can ask a Seattle voter to sign): https://tinyurl.com/FireDurkan

Here’s what I said today on the corner of 10th and Pine in Seattle:

One of the last times I was here Capitol Hill the situation was quite a bit different than it was today.

Mob rule had taken over. Violent left-wing agitators had burned police cars, and anarchist rioters had attacked buildings and looted downtown stores.

For the sake of political-correctness, police were ordered to stand down as what were initially peaceful protests became increasingly unruly because of communist agitators.

The much-celebrated peaceful protests would quickly become full-on riots, complete with the looting and burning of stores, burning police cars and attacks on police.

When I was here in Capitol Hill a few weeks ago, violent / radical / armed revolutionaries had literally annexed 6 blocks of Seattle and declared it a new country.

In the press, the who affair was either dismissed as a cute hissy fit by Seattle’s reliably radical underbelly, or treated as a serious effort to reform systemic injustice.

They said this was a good thing, and we had to let it continue to show that black lives matter.

But the two political leaders Seattle residents rely on most to keep this city and our state safe told us a lot about themselves with their reactions.

Our Governor, Jay Inslee, said he didn’t even know what was going on.

Actually, his chuckle told us the truth: he was ignoring it … because he didn’t care.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan celebrated it though.

To her, this was a “Summer of Love.”

The reality, Inslee and Durkan created a Summer of Horror.

Today a mother grieves for the loss of her son, and politicians are ignoring her.

Today a father grieves because his son was murdered, and politicians are pretending he doesn’t exist.

You see, at least one black life didn’t matter to Jenny Durkan or Kshama Sawant, for that matter.

At least one black life didn’t matter at all to Jay Inslee.

His name was Horace Lorenzo Anderson Jr.

Only a few feet away from where we stand right now, this young man was gunned down in a security nightmare caused by Inslee’s and Durkan’s policies.

He was murdered the day after he graduated high school.

He was a kid.

He preferred to go by his middle name Lorenzo, and everyone in this city needs to know his name.


Lorenzo’s death represents the hubris of the political class in this state who puts virtue signaling over doing their job.

There’s a Bermuda Triangle of Failure surrounding Seattle today – the triangle of failed leaders Jay Inslee, Jenny Durkan, Kshama Sawant – and it’s costing people their lives.

It’s Bermuda Triangle where accountability vanishes, where common-sense has completely disappeared.

It’s a Bermuda Triangle of tragedy where true concern for the people of Washington hasn’t been seen for years.

Inslee ignored Seattle’s lawless zone.

When told about it, he said “it’s news to me.”

Can we really be surprised he was out to lunch on this though?

Only weeks before, he responded to riots and looting by sending in the National Guard – unarmed.

What a joke!

Jenny Durkan and her counterpart in Oregon, the Mayor of Portland, both of them only seem to take the violence on the streets seriously when it impacts them and when it comes to their doorstep.

Politicians that look at mob rule and call it “peaceful protests.” Clueless!

I’m running for Governor – in a way – to recall Inslee.

And the reason I’m doing that is to highlight how broken our system is, and how when I’m elected I intend to fix it.

The reason I called this meeting today is I want to rally Seattle residents to recall Mayor Jenny Durkan for her pattern failure which has caused destruction, danger and even loss of life.

Right now, the only people who can really hold her accountable are her constituents.

And it’s time for people to wake up!

When she ran for office, the choice for voters was relatively simple – everyone else in the race was nuts, and she seemed like the only person who was remotely close to normal.

They thought at least she would keep the crazies at bay and not succumb to backing destructive policies to pander and virtue-signal to so-called progressives.

Durkan had a job to do: lead Seattle in a direction away from the bare communism that Kshama Sawant promotes. She was supposed to protect the rule of law.

She was supposed to keep crime low, clean up Seattle’s streets, and make sure this beautiful shined with life and opportunity the way it always has.

The promise of Jenny Durkan as mayor was that she would use her leadership to capture the minds of the people and inspire voters to reject radical left-wing policies that would destroy this city.

Instead, Jenny Durkan ceded the moral high ground to Kshama Sawant, the most revolting politician we’ve seen in decades.

Instead of contending in the public with reason and common-sense, she tried to negotiate with a person dead-set on getting power by any means.

Instead of leading with an alternative vision of sanity, she lost the argument to Sawant.

She caved. And worse, she did so after she led rioters to her house.

Durkan’s message? Threaten me and I’ll do whatever you want.

What was the result?

Durkan bowed a knee to socialism, and allowed Kshama Sawant to get the upper hand and get her jobs tax.

Now Seattle will punish employers for creating jobs

Under Durkan’s failed leadership, gangs have waged open warfare on downtown Seattle streets, and executed pedestrians.

There’s skyrocketing increases in rape, murder, assault, robbery and other violent crime.

In response to looting and riots, she tied the hands of the police.

When anarchists took over parts of the city, she told the police to run away.

When the communists took over and created the lawless zone, she celebrated it.

When police tried to do their job, she conceded to the crazies they should be “de-funded” … just a little.

All this while there’s been a drastic spike in murders and violent crime.

A news story just yesterday quoted Seattle residents outraged over the rampant murder, saying they no longer felt safe, and that their pleas for help are falling on deaf ears.

They said we need to “de-fund the crime,” not de-fund the police.

Where is this all going?

Who knows? But I think we can see a little into the future.

Seattle under Durkan is allowing domestic terrorists to target police.

Last week, rioters shot fireworks in the faces of police officers.

Last night, these animals burnt down a stores owned by a police officer’s wife.

Durkan was elected to hold the line.

She was supposed to stop the crazies. Instead, she opened the floodgates.

Durkan has now repeatedly betrayed the voters she was elected to serve, and the people who supported her.

She’s become the worst mayor in Seattle’s history – and she has to go.

She lost the upper hand and the minds of the people. She conceded that the radical left had a point.

If you don’t know how the violent, radical left uses politics to stay on permanent attack, you have no businesses running government.

You never concede the moral high ground to them. Jenny Durkan did just that.

We’ve gotten to this point because Inslee and Durkan let Kshama Sawant become the thought leader of the Democrat Party.

Democrats literally take their marching orders now from communist Kshama Sawant.

Politicians like Jenny Durkan, Jay Inslee, Bob Ferguson and Frank Chopp parrot her policies and push her agenda.

They’re too afraid of the tiny, but noisy, group of left-wing crazies to do anything but agree with their premises.

Had Jenny Durkan had her priorities in order, though, there would’ve been no Capitol Hill Lawless Zone, Kshama Sawant wouldn’t have been re-elected.

I am calling for all the sane people of Seattle to stop defending Jenny Durkan and sign the petition to recall her.

You cannot reward failure, and you cannot allow lawlessness to go unpunished.

We also have to stop putting friendly names on the violence and call it what it is: terrorism.

What we have seen here are not peaceful protests, and the media and politicians need to stop calling them that.

These so-called protests should more accurately be called riots.

Smashing windows and robbing stores isn’t peacefully protesting – it’s looting and the people who do it are looters.

Occupying police buildings, burning police cars, attacking and executing police isn’t peaceful protest.

It’s terrorism.

Under presidential administrations from both parties, the official approach of our foreign is you do not negotiate with terrorists.

In the same way, you cannot negotiate with communists when it comes to how to run our communities.

The radical groups Antifa and Black lives matter are not fighting for justice.

They’re not fighting for safer communities.

Anitifa isn’t fighting against fascism, they’re promoting it and engaging it.

And the group Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about black lives.

It cares about advancing long-held radical left political goals and forcing them on us while people are shut out of the political process and scared over a virus.

You’re being conned.

We see them making excuses for terrorists, protecting terrorists, defending terrorists and weakening law enforcement’s ability to effectly counter these terrorists.

Why do I keep using that word, you may be asking? Because someone needs to have the courage to call it what it is.

A summary of various definitions of terrorism is this:

The use of force, violence and threats of violence – especially against people or property – to intimidate or coerce a civilian population or government, especially for political purposes, social objectives or to force a government to do something.”

The FBI gets more specific and defines Domestic terror as “Violent, criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups to further ideological goals stemming from domestic influences, such as those of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature.

Seattle residents have been betrayed by Democrats

You are witnessing politicians like Jenny Durkan and Jay Inslee, who portray themselves as centrist Democrats and the reasonable people in a party that’s gone mad.

They’re no longer liberal. Murder, homelessness, riots, looting and urban decay are not progress.

We can’t let Republicans off the hook, either, because Seattle residents have also been abandoned by the GOP.

For years, Republicans have surrendered the people who live in Seattle to the crazy left.

They ceded the cities in our state to Democrats.

They gave up, and said those are the Democrat areas, and said we’ll get votes somewhere else.

Worse, Republicans eventually decided compromise their positions, water down their ideas, and do everything they could to be more palatable to the radical left – just to get votes.

I’m a different kind of Republican, and I take a different view.

For 22 years, I have presented ideas that I wholeheartedly believe in and advocated for them furiously. I never watered down or apologized for anything I’ve stood for.

And I don’t today either. I’m not going to pretend that every voter in Seattle agrees with my personal values. I am who I am. I believe what I believe. I know what is right, and I’m going to stick to my guns, and I won’t apologize for fighting for what I feel is right.

But I will not concede moral authority to the radical left
I will not negotiate our security away to meet the demands of terrorists
I will not be spineless like Inslee, Durkan and the rest
I will treat people who engage in terrorism like terrorists
I will ensure our streets are kept safe
I will hold local politicians who betray their constituents accountable
I will expand protections for people who use force to defend themselves, their families, neighbors, businesses and property

I’m running for governor not just to win, and not just to replace Jay Inslee.

I’m running for governor to fix the broken system in Washington that has allowed things to devolve into the mess that has happened here.

I’m running for governor to fix the broken system which no longer listens to the will of the voters whenever voters choose via a public vote to limit the power of the government.

I’m running for governor to fix a broken system, the failure of which is systemic due to decades of one-party rule.

I know not everyone will agree with me on everything, but I’ll listen.

I’m straightforward, and I don’t parse my words.

Since I am running for governor, I want to remind you that I’m spending this entire year waging what is essentially a recall campaign against an even worse politician, who shares the failures of Jenny Durkan, but is even more responsible for the chaos on our streets.

Today, that is that sanity win the day here in Seattle.

I don’t expect this speech to gain me one additional vote in my race.

That’s not why I’m here.

If I weren’t running for governor, I’d be here anyway doing just what I’m doing now, asking the voters to recall Jenny Durkan.

As for Lorenzo’s grieving parents, they were ignored by both Inslee and Durkan.

Why didn’t they matter to our political leaders?

Lorenzo wasn’t a donor to their campaigns.

He wasn’t a special interest that would prop up their positions of power.

He wasn’t someone they could rely on to cover for their failure.

And because of that, he became an emblem of their failure.

You see, when politicians no longer fear retribution from voters in the form of being thrown out of office, this is exactly the type of failed leadership that results.

When politicians no longer fear your ability or willingness to take power from them, they stop caring what you think about the job they’re doing.

When politicians see you as just a guaranteed vote, they no longer feel they have to listen to you.

They’ve stopped caring about your needs, your safety, your financial situation, your job, your business, your kids, your health or even your life.

They’ve stopped caring about you at all.

Theyre taking you for granted.

In fact, they don’t even think they need you anymore, and so it’s no skin off their back to ignore you. To discard you.

Last year we heard that Seattle was dying.

That was because of the homeless crisis that Inslee and Durkan allowed to explode.

This year we saw Seattle burning.

Now, Seattle is committing suicide. Seattle is killing itself.

What will next year bring? If things keep up like this, by next year Seattle will be burying itself.

Seattle is already burying too many young people, too many poor people.

Burying too many people who have been cast out of society and allowed to overdose on our streets or wallow in filth under overpasses.

These suffering people are forgotten, and Inslee and Durkan need you, too, to pretend they don’t exist.

Well kids like Lorenzo are already dying, and families like his are already burying the people they love.

One black life didn’t matter to Durkan or Inslee, and worse, he’s not the only one.

The leaders responsible must be held accountable and be removed from power.

Our government is clearly sick when violence and death spread on the streets is called a “Summer of Love.”

It’s sick when armed terrorists use violence to purposely annex a part of our largest city, and our leaders say “That’s news to me.”

It’s sick when elected officials and judges, instead of coming to their senses and doing what’s needed to maintain order and protect the rule of law, lend credibility to this frenzy and try to actively promote mob rule.

Seattle voters not only need to recall Jenny Durkan and send her packing because of what she’s done, but also to send an example to every other politician in this city, and in our state:

Politicians must protect the rule of law and fundamental security for our communities, or get out of the way.

So the question goes to you residents of Seattle, who is going to lead you out of this mess?

Clearly not Jenny Durkan – she’s made it worse and needs to go.

Maybe it will be Police Chief Carmen Best, who seems to be the only sane person with any authority right now. Maybe it will be someone else.

Whoever takes the lead, the people of Seattle need to wake up.

Seattle residents can’t reward Jenny Durkan any longer for letting things spiral so far out of control.

Her weak attempts to stop the destruction of the Seattle Police are too little too late.

Jenny Durkan, you lost when you conceded that Kshama Sawant was right.

She wasn’t, and now you have to go.


I need your help to repeal 8 years of Jay Inslee. I ask you to please:

  • Please send in your most generous donation to support my campaign for Governor Tim4Gov.com. As I’ve proven to you already, I will put every ounce of energy I have fighting for you. And your contributions are the fuel that keeps this campaign in overdrive.
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  • Follow my campaign on Facebook here.

I make you this promise: support me in this effort and I’ll give you a race for Governor like you’ve never seen before.

I love you all.


You can mail checks to:

Governor Tim Eyman for WA State
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