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Tim Eyman

for Washington State Governor 

Fearless Leadership, Proven Results

I will veto ANY tax increase.

As Governor, I will veto any tax increase. That means Seattle’s Legislature must override my veto which requires a 2/3 vote. I sponsored and voters passed 4 initiatives requiring that protection. But the Seattle Supreme Court took it away from us.

Do you trust me or Jay Inslee?

Candidate Jay Inslee promised to veto any tax increase. During 8 legislative sessions with Seattle’s Governor, 29 tax increases landed on his desk and he signed every one of them.

I make you this promise:

Support me in this effort and I will give you a race for Governor like you’ve never seen before.

I love you all.

About Tim

In 1995, I got started with an initiative to force a public vote on the first sports stadium (I got a “whopping” 100 signatures at Greenlake Park, a few blocks from my previous Seattle home) – initiative qualified and voters said “no” to the sports stadium, but the Legislature said “yes, this sports stadium is a state emergency.” That single, arrogant legislative act was the catalyst that inspired my political activism. I have been fighting for taxpayers ever since.  You can see the list of all the initiatives that I have sponsored on Permanent Offense’s website.

Campaign Updates

NO $30 TABS! Because of Bob Ferguson

NO $30 TABS! Because of Bob Ferguson

None of us will be getting $30 tabs. It was supposed to happen today. It didn't. Why? Because of Bob Ferguson. If he had filed his response on Wednesday like attorney Stephen Pidgeon did, it would have taken an action by the supreme court to extend the injunction. And...

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Tim Eyman

for Washington State Governor